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ipa with belgian yeast.........longer primary and secondary? 750 ml or reg 12oz or 22oz re pitch aghhhhhhh!!

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....whats up. so yeah. ive done all the looking into i can stand by now!... my o.g was 1.070 im pretty sure its like 2 weeks primary and around 3 weeks secondary? buttttttttt! what i really want to know is should i re pitch to bottle condition (750 ml) or just go on as if doing good old 12oz and 22oz and dont re pitch?... id like to keep my eyes away from exploding glass ya know lol.

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What is your FG?

Bottle bombs come from too much fermentable sugar present at bottling time. Given the length of your fermentation and your OG, I'd guess you're probably fine to prime and bottle per usual with little risk of exploding glass.

You probably don't need to re-pitch anything either. A lot of Belgian yeast strains are tolerant into the double-digits % ABV, and with OG 1.070 you won't get that strong. So there should be plenty of active yeast still in suspension to carbonate.

Just leave a proportionate amount of head-room in a 750ml bottle since the larger volume of beer will produce a larger volume of gas.

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