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How much 6-row do I need to convert 2lbs of flaked maize?

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I'm working with a mini-mash set-up that limits me to 5lbs of grain, and am working on a recipe with 2lbs of flaked corn. 0.5lbs of flaked rye & 0.25 lbs of roasted barley. I'm also throwing in some rice hulls (not sure if they're needed) leaving room for roughly 2lbs of 6-row.

My question: is the 2lbs of 6-row enzymatic enough to convert itself and all the adjuncts as well?

I could potentially squeeze an extra 0.25lb of 6-row in if I nix the rice hulls, and another 0.25lb if I literally fill the mash tun to the brim, but I'd rather leave SOME head room for sparging and stirring, etc.

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I think I may have answered my own question here.

If we know that a bourbon mash is at least 51% corn, then barley must be enzymatic enough to convert at least its own weight in adjunct. And I think most bourbon grain bills are probably adding in some rye & wheat to boot. They probably use far less than 49% barley.

So I think I'll be fine.

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Definitely enough 6 row. You should also be able to drop the rice hulls, the corn shouldn't be enough to get the mash stuck with the other grains in there. I wouldn't use them, but if it makes you feel more comfortable, they definitely can't hurt.

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