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First batch almost gone! Some questions after bottling the second

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First batch was the Cream Ale receipe from Brooklyn Homebrew. I made significant mistakes (like adding way too much water to the mash and poorly regulated temp) and yet....tasty, great finish, lots of body and fruit. It's almost gone, so glad to report the seond batch -- oatmeal stout -- was just bottled tonight.

So my questions:

1. I sanitize at the wort prep and the bottling stage. I've been working with approx 5 gallon batches. Each time I prepare 2.5 gals of Star San and then dump it at the end. That seems wasteful. Do folks make and use less? Can you continue to use the same batch from a bottling to the next boil?

2. Seems like the real time glut is in heating the liquids. Are there tools and/or techniques to make that go faster? I envy those flame-throwers in the local Chinese takeout.

Next batch: American IPA.

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Absolutely! You can keep reusing the same StarSan solution for quite a while. I usually use it till it turns cloudy. You can probably still continue using it still. StarSan is a food grade solution of Nitric or Phosphoric Acid... something of the sort, and as long as the acidity is maintained you're probably good to go Smile
As for heating faster... I put my pot over two burners on the kitchen stove.

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If you can, get yourself a turkey burner. I had a welder friend cut mine down to get the pot closer to the burner, and now from start to finish my all-grain brew days are less than 4 hours long. Even with 2.5 gallon boils, it's money well spent.

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