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Using gypsum and/or Burton salts

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1 Using gypsum and/or Burton salts on Tue Oct 12, 2010 5:16 pm

I recently brewed an amber ale and midway through the mash I tested the pH and noticed it was fairly low (around 4.9-5.0). Since I began testing my mash pH I've only brewed lighter ales and have always come up aroun 5.2-5.4. I'm wondering if the change might be due to the presense of darker crystal malts in the amber ale grain bill considering the very soft local water - I'm on the Catskill system in Bklyn. I plan on brewing a chocalate porter and oatmeal stout in the near future and just wondered if any other local brewers are using gypsum and/or Burton salts for darker ales, and more specifically how much do you typically use for a 5-gallon batch? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks Very Happy

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2 Re: Using gypsum and/or Burton salts on Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:48 pm

I measure out ~10g of Burton Salts when I'm lazy and brewing something amber/dark in a German/British/American tradition. I'm not a fan of that mix though, because some things in it are just WAY out of wack. So yeah, only when I'm lazy.
If I brew Belgians (since I care about them so much), or am not feeling lazy, I'll add some gypsum, NaCl, and baking soda. Use a brewing program to see how much you need for the levels you want.
Hope that helps!

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3 Re: Using gypsum and/or Burton salts on Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:25 am

Thanks for the info Dimik. I brewed an oatmeal stout yesterday and used a tsp. of Burton salts because that's all I had around the house. My pH came out at roughly 5.2, so it appears to have worked. Thanks again.

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